Monday, June 28, 2010


During our month of prayer I'm encouraging all of us to write down 5 things each day that we are thankful for...things that we can praise God for. IMAGINE the end of our month of prayer we will have 150 things that we have praised God for! THAT IS COOL!

Here are the things I wrote down earlier today:

-Salvation…thank you for saving me…for giving me ETERNAL hope!
-Thank you that Kelsey, Chloe, Jaden & Luke know you!
-For life…4 months ago almost to the minute…I had a heart attack. Feeling much better!
-Wisdom that you give when we ask for it!
-Church family…I love the people here and am thankful that I get to serve with them

I encourage you to keep a journal this month...write down your praises...your requests...victories...people that need prayer.

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