Friday, June 18, 2010


Where are you headed? Do you realize how short that life is? That it is only a mist...a vapor in time? That we are here for a short time...who are the people that you are influencing and how are you influencing them? Are they being drawn closer to God? Closer to the King of Kings? Closer to the ultimate comforter? What are you living your life for? What relationship needs restored? Are you ready to do it? Ready to let go?

How are you doing...really doing?

As I write, I'm praying for each person that reads this...that we would remember that our days are numbered...that we still have an opportunity to influence people toward Jesus and in a closer walk with him. I pray that you will find a way to show love to someone TODAY...that you will work to help someone...

Don't let busyness...sadness...struggle...victory...just "living life" so distract you from the opportunity you have to show love and invest in people.

It's time to a life that loves and influences others TOWARD our Creator.


William F. Dettman III said...

Wow Tim! This is so weird because you just summed up a book that I just finished reading today. It was an absolutely awesome book that I simply could not put down and finished the whole thing within two days. The books title, if your interested, is "Lead...for God's Sake" by Todd G. Gongwer. Look into it. It is life changing and wonderfully written. To be honest it really needs to be made into a movie so that it can be shared to everyone! I'll see you tomorrow. Oh and stay awesome!

Tim Boucher said...

Thanks Will...I will read it!