Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

BUSY weekend! Good time hanging out with family on Saturday...celebrated our nephew's first b-day! GOOD STUFF!!

We had a really fun and great service on Sunday! We have never done a service that was geared toward our country, but we did on Sunday...the reason was...if it wasn't for the 1.5 MILLION men and women who have given their lives protecting us, we wouldn't be able to PUBLICALLY praise God! We too often take our soldiers and their families for granted...SO we celebrated them!!

I played drums on Sunday for the first time in 6 or 7 years! It was really fun and went well...fun to do that again! Colin did very well leading and it was a BLAST watching kids marching around the auditorium. (We had the elementary aged kids in with us again this week) Great Sunday!!

Sunday afternoon Greg...a local pastor...invited several pastors and their families to his house for a cookout. It was really fun! We (the pastors) get together every monthish to hang out and talk church...life...other random stuff that comes to mind...and it was fun to have our families connect together. We are all from different church in South Bend area and 2 guys are in the same denomination! Our kids played and hung out and it was good to be together! And it is true...I did hit the ground several times during badminton...you just have to dive!! Always "just" playing to have fun!! Amazing guys...GREAT families!! THANKS FROHNA'S for a WONDERFUL evening!

Great time Monday too...had some friends over and hung out...Unfortunately our corn hole game was canceled due to rain... BUT I will say that Kelsey and I were up 6-2 when the rain started! Great time with friends!

Very good weekend!!

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