Friday, June 25, 2010

"The Motions"

Matthew West's song is how I started my day today...listening to his song "The Motions." POWERFUL! "I don't want to spend my whole life asking, what if I had given everything?"

Matthew has an interesting story...he lost his voice and it was quite possible that he would never sing again...God brought him through that...Listen to this quote from him in an article I read online...

"My surgery and silence really brought this song to life for me. Trials force movement. Pain makes you feel. I’m thankful for the difficult time I had to go through, because God used it to remind me that going through the motions is not really living." –Matthew West

"Trails force movement...pain makes you feel..." That is DEAD ON! Last night we had a prayer request for a former pastor who is DEEPLY struggling with depression...anger toward heart broke for him...He was a man that was deeply passionate for God...wanted to live his life for him...BUT life happened...the not so good parts of life...and now he is floundering...spinning downward. I pray for that man...for God to restore his faith...

I can understand why that pastor is struggling...these past months have been brutal! I was close to this over the past months...Deeply hurting...depression...questioning everything...wanting at times to give up the to comfort and what "seems easier"...really wondering if going the motions was really so bad. ARGH!! I CAN'T EVEN STAND THE THOUGHT OF THAT! Just going along...WHAT KIND OF LIFE IS THAT!! I would rather die LIVING than live and give up on dreams and direction that God gives.


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