Friday, January 15, 2010

The YUCK has stirred up memories!

I'm home today...not by choice! I was sick through the night...haven't had a night like that in 10-12 years...actually the last time was the night after Kels and I went TO THE THEATER to see the movie "Titanic!" We were living in Nappanee back then...WOW! That was a life shaping year that year. I remember when we first moved to Nappanee...we had a decision to make...where were we going to go to church? It seemed "kind-a" big then, but it turned out to be HUGE! We had just come from a church that we LOVED while in Warsaw...saw the church go from 30 people to more than 100...we wondered what God wanted. Friends of ours said we should go to Nappanee Missionary Church...the church is a COMMUNITY and WORLD impacting church...GREAT PLACE.

Our other option was Ireland Road Grace Brethren Church...Kels' dad was the pastor...we talked and prayed...prayed and prayed...we decided to go to IRGBC...what a great decision! I remember one of the first conversations I had with Kelsey's dad...he talked to me about wanting to plant churches. I THOUGHT HE WAS CRAZY! (Now THAT is funny!) Fast-forward 10+ years and I'm still in South Bend...can't think of any of place to be in the world...and I was part of starting a new church! Wow...sure glad we made that decision all those years ago!


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