Friday, January 15, 2010

Cpl. Jim Szuba

I'm watching the funeral for Cpl. Jim Szuba...a Mishawaka police officer who was killed on duty. I was in tears as his son spoke of him...what he meant to him...what he would he understood more now than before why his dad was hard on him...lecturing him...that it was prep for what was going to happen. Preparing him for the future...

What legacy will you leave? What will be left behind when you die?

It is moving to watch as row after row of police officers leave the funeral. These men and women risk their lives to protect me and my protect our community..."Thanks to you men and women for what you do in this community...I am so sorry for you loss and pray for you."

I can't imagine the loss of the family right now...the feelings...pride in their husband and father...pain for their loss...anger..."Lord, I plead with you for comfort for this family and that it would be found in you."

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