Friday, January 8, 2010


I called Rusty our Construction Guy today and he said that 2 of our inspections were done and that they gave him A BUNCH of things that we had to change...I got that sinking feeling in my gut...THEN HE LAUGHED! GRRRR!! I owe that guy! EVERYTHING was approved...the whole building...which is more than we expected! Now THAT is a breath of fresh air!! WHOO-HOO...Full steam ahead baby! The Goal? DONE by February and first service on Valentine's Day (or a week earlier if we can!!) SO NOW WE GO BABY!

Oh and Rusty...I OWE YOU MY FRIEND!!!! (I'll just wait until after the job is done! ;)

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Travis Miner said...

Way to go!!! Sorry I couldn't help with the move, but I specialize in moving pillows and I don't think you had too many of those there.

Seriously... AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!