Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pace Yourself

Chloe had a swim meet at Notre Dame today...(MAN THOSE MEETS START EARLY!) It is fun to watch her and see her improve. She is a determined and very teachable...(she was named swimmer of the week a while back!) I notice something with the best of the best...they know how to pace themselves. Even at this young age! I was A LOT of heats today...and noticed that ANYONE can start fast...and OFTEN the person who started fast or even way the first 50 yards, often lost. WHY? Because they went all out at the beginning...they didn't have anything left to finish. Did you catch that? They went all out at the beginning and didn't have anything left to finish.

Pacing yourself is NOT passive! I told Chloe that this week..."Sweetie you have to push yourself and not just sit back and pace yourself!" And today she did that and had a GREAT breaststroke time! Sometimes in order to be all we were made to be, we HAVE TO push ourselves...AND sometimes, we have to STOP-REST-RELAX...the key is balance...So let's do it...not just be great starters, but learn to pace ourselves well!

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