Sunday, January 17, 2010

Whoa...THAT was Church!

This pic is from the middle of our service...This morning something happened in the auditorium...something fresh...people shared from their hearts...they shared their victories and their struggles...One man shared that he hasn't been IN church for 24 years, but thanked our people for being accepting...people shared of restored marriages...a teen got up and shared how much she loves her parents...another teen shared about how since she has let God control her life the "drama" has lessoned...another man talked of how much his wife's support has meant to him through a couple of VERY dark years...and I could go on and one...Alright, one more! The WHOLE GROUP gathered around one grandma and prayed after she shared about the struggles that her grandchildren were having. THE CHURCH stepped up today...they shared their hearts.

Toward the end of the service, we gave people an opportunity to respond to Jesus. After hearing all of those testimonies, we didn't want to have someone leave without that hope...AND AT LEAST ONE MAN PRAYED TO RECEIVE JESUS! "Thank you Jesus!"

I have believed for a long time that we should seek the Spirit's direction and PLAN our services like crazy. BUT if the Spirit moves...GO! That was this morning...we were going to have a testimony time...maybe 10 minutes if people were sharing...BUT the Spirit was moving in hearts and people shared for 45 minutes or more...This was great...glad God allowed all of us to experience was was fresh...GOD was honored above all else!


rich yauger said...

That is so cool to read!

Devoted said...

I love it when the Holy Spirit takes over...lives are changed! Refreshing read. God bless you and your family.