Monday, January 18, 2010

Good moment

Alright...through all of this crazy sickness at our house (we are in day 9 or 10) there a been a couple of funny things (and some not so funny, I might add!)...Saturday was Jaden's first Upwards basketball game...he had "gotten sick" (trying to be nice for those of you with weak stomachs!) 8x's between Midnight and 8 in the morning and his game was to be at obviously we told him that he wouldn't be able to play. As game-time was approaching Jaden told Kels "Mom...I haven't thrown up in a while...I think I can go play." THAT IS AWESOME! I love that kid's competitive spirit...his drive! When I got home from my meeting that morning I told him if it had been a conference championship game...or even a varsity game, I would have let him...What great competitive spirit! Where does he get that?!

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