Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Reflections...just in time!

The day is closing and it has been a full one! Some thoughts before bed...

-Uncharted...our new theme for the year...PERFECT!
-Going where no man has gone before...
-Starting a church did that, BUT now it's time for FRESH vision
-BIG vision...BUT it must be GOD's VISION!
-Looking at EVERY area of our church...what does God want?
-I am so encouraged by the work that is being done.
-Anticipating that God is going to BLOW US AWAY this year
-We are in the final push for getting our remodeling done...
-The people have been AMAZING! (50 volunteers last week...another 15-20 today!)
-Great to have another campus...20+ volunteers from our Goshen campus helped last week!
-Volunteers have POURED themselves into this building...
-People have provided lunch for over a week now for the workers! (good food!)
-Friendships are being made and getting deeper
-LOTS of laughter!
-LOTS of prayer!
-It felt good chasing Rusty with the paint roller over the weekend (sorry about the paint on your shirt...o.k...I'm not sorry!!)
-Great memories!
-I'm longing for more of God...
-Needing more of him...
-Wanting what HE wants...
Another day is almost here...MAJOR prayer request...our goal is to have our first service on February 7...we HAVE TO have our "special" ordered doors arrive by the end of the week AND we need our plumber to show up TUESDAY...LOTS of other details, but those are the biggest!

HEY...good night!!

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