Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Reflections...THE Living Stones Church

Yesterday we had the chance to visit one of our neighborhood churches. (Probably a 3 minute RUN from my house!) Sam, the pastor, and I have been friends for a few years...used to hang out at Panera together back when I was just starting out and he was taking an a capella Church of Christ church and adding instruments and a passion for OUTREACH to the southside of South Bend. There were some TOUGH days back then...both of us wondering if we would be in the churches we were in 3-5 years later.

WELL...Living Stones is now a impacting church on the southside of South Bend...I LOVE the southside...LOVE THESE GUYS and what they are doing in my neighborhood and for THE Kingdom. Yesterday was his vision message for 2010 and I can't WAIT to see how God is going to continue to work through them. Praying as they are looking to add a 3rd service...hire a children's pastor and worship pastor...AND they want to start a church on the Eastside of SB...they target a particular zip code...right now they reach out to the 46614 and 46613 zip codes ("42,000 people in this area and 11,000 kids"...I think I got the numbers right...heard it several times in the message!) they are looking to hit 46615...THIS CHURCH GETS IT and they have IT! Love you guys...keep up the good work!

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kristyball said...

Tim! It was so great to see you Sunday, and your lovely wife! I cannot tell you how much you and Grace ment to me when we first met!
I have never been to a more beautiful foot washing/community meal than the one I attended! So sorry I was unable to talk much with you as I was tackled. I so enjoy reading your emails so keep me on the list ok? Big hugs to all there at the theater. I miss you all!
Kris Ballard