Saturday, February 28, 2009


There is great value in working with a team. About 1x per month our team of elders gets together and talks through the "state of the church." How are we doing? What is coming up next? What concerns are there? I give a report on our campus...and others share about their ministries...But here is the thing that jumped out at me again this morning...(as we met at 6 a.m. at our Goshen Campus!) We really do love each other and have fun together. This morning in just a couple of hours...we talked through A LOT of stuff...we praised God...called on God...cried...laughed...and it is cool that there is no "posturing" happening in this room...I truly believe that every one of these men have my and the church's best interest in mind. Pastor Jim has developed a team that is rock's a dream team of sorts! I love these guys and am THANKFUL to be in the middle of what God is doing at Grace!

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