Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Reflections...

What a weekend! An amazing Blitz on Saturday as we passed out over 300 Hershey Bars to people on Valentine's Day...The cool part was to do it at a time when so many hard things are happening. There were a lot of smiles on people's faces. (Especially when we gave chocolate to the guys working at Cardinal Fitness! A little junk-food for the healthy ones!) It was sooooooo fun serving people.

Sunday morning was moving for me...Jerimae and Kyle just was way more than just rockin' was the heart and passion for Jesus that they both displayed. I was in tears as Kyle prayed over our church. I just love those guys...they love Jesus and show it!

The message was incredible..."It's Time to Out Lead" Just good to hear Jim's heart for leadership and seeing the characteristics that Jesus displayed...he is the perfect example of leadership!! A few things that jumped out at me...

-Greatest leader ever was Jesus Christ

-Jesus hand picked his team...there was no consensus

-Keys to picking good teams...Character...Competence...AND Chemistry...

-Many leadership teams fail because they only focus on the first 2 and don't focus on Chemistry

-Cast a compelling vision...Jesus did!

-Keep your passion Hot!

-Jesus confronted people

-Jesus continued to learn and if he did, we better too!

-You will find resistance!

-Jesus refreshed himself...took time to be pray

-Jesus had lonely times...

-Jesus finished strong...FOLLOW THROUGH!

Something is happening at Grace right now...something that I can't put my finger on...a move of the Spirit...I can't explain it, but I and others feel it...and I have to say...I LIKE IT! "SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD...LEAD US...GUIDE US...POUR OUT YOUR WISDOM ON US...WE NEED YOU!"

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