Friday, February 6, 2009

The Church

The church is people...not buildings...not programs...not stuff...The church IS people...there aren't people in the church...People don't come to church...People ARE the how do you think "The church" should spend her time and resources? Ummm...ahhhhhh...well...OH... ON PEOPLE!

I spent part of my morning meeting with Carrie Call a professor at St. Mary's College and former pastor. She has been part of a study on the spiritual climate of this area...I am more in love with our community now than I was before! Our community needs us to LISTEN first...we need to be compassionate to people...Some people in our community STRONGLY disagree with what we, as followers Jesus stand how should we respond to them. How we respond will determine whether they are willing to hear our message and will determine how they view Jesus.

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