Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Could I be that old?!

I walk into Ugly Mugs this morning a little early. Jerimae and I meet for staff meeting there every other week...I see a woman there and recognize her...in fact we tried to figure out where we knew each other from once before. Then it hits me...She went to Bremen High School when I used to teach there...I helped with the band (I was the Elementary Music Teacher) a few times and she was the section leader. BUT NOW...she has been a nurse for 5+ years...YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME...that would make me kinda old then...she must have been a senior at 18 and I was 22 or 23...that has to be it...no way that I'm old enough to have a former student who have been out of school and working for more than 5 years! NO WAY!

1 comment:

Sharon Perry said...

ok-i'll be the first to say it...yes you are that old and soon will be older!!