Monday, February 23, 2009


Ever just want some answers and yet you know that you probably won't get them? Tonight is one of those nights! My biggest mentor in the music program at Grace was informed last week that they are eliminating her position. I would like to know how you eliminate YOUR ONLY Full-time OR part-time music ed. prof...and a prof who is OUTSTANDING...PASSIONATE... AND TRULY loves her students and what she teaches. One who has helped to build the program to a very high and respectable level...She has literally given her LIFE to Grace...UNBELIEVABLE.

Now...I'll confess that I don't have all the information, I'm reacting emotionally and the fact that if it wasn't for Ardi Faber I would have NEVER been a music ed. major...and never would have been a teacher...SO I am VERY biased...VERY, VERY biased!! My hope is that within the next 6 months, I'll get to post something about how Grace hired her back she will still get to invest in MY alma mater...That is my hope...AND I will tell you though...some school out there is going to get a gem if Grace doesn't hire her back...There is a very blessed school out there...(HEY BETHEL...bring her up here...then she can come to my church!!)

My heart aches tonight for her...she is an amazing woman...woman of God...amazing musician...teacher...conductor...the school will miss her...unfortunately, the students both current and future will miss her as well. Prof...thanks for all that you have done for me, for music students at Grace and for the development of the music program at Grace. We love you!

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