Thursday, February 26, 2009


Kelsey and I finished watching 24, Season 2 last night. A leadership principle just jumped out at me as we watched the final couple of episodes. President Palmer had conviction and was willing to face losing his presidency to stand by his convictions. The thought hit me..."Tim, are you at a place in the church where you have that much resolve?" Am I prayed up and read up...fasted up and listening enough to God, other leaders and his people...that I would say that God is leading me and our church in a direction...I believe that God speaks through all of his people, so I need to be listening to counsel and how others sense what God is saying...The bottom line though is if God is leading us and showing us the direction to go I MUST be willing to face whatever opposition comes...from whatever direction!

I am seeking God a little harder today...begging and pleading with him a little stronger...I love HIS church and want to do everything that he wants me to do...and to do that by HIS wisdom. That it is HIS Spirit that is guiding me and directing me. I want that kind of resolve for HIS church..."God I beg you for clear direction!"

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