Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yep...I was "that" guy...

So here I was today...after work...standing in line waiting for Walmart workers to unload their truck so I could HOPE to get a converter box. Yeah...I was that guy...the one that waited until the last minute to get his coupon...the one who waited until the last minute to get his box...the one ALL OF YOU LAUGH AT because he is in line and YOUR NOT! It was an interesting experience for me...there were at least 30 of us procrastinators standing in the Electronics section together...All with that look of..."yeah, we're idiots and should have come weeks ago!" And yeah, I acted like I was looking for a digital camera, TV's, but finally had to stand around like everyone else. I did have visions of sneaking up to the cart when they brought them in and just taking one before anyone else could! AND I'll confess that I ended up leaving before I had one...it was a risk...BUT then I came back an hour later ONLY TO PASS A GUY LEAVING THE STORE THAT I WAS STANDING IN LINE WITH EARLIER! He waited over an hour for one of those babies!

Oh...to answer your question...I did finally get one with my coupon and it is hooked up...Better late than never!

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Susan Krynock said...

So glad you can watch your TV again--how could you live for a week without "Jack"???