Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm sitting here in Ugly Mugs Cafe again today...I've done some reading...plan to work on a few other things before I head down to the office. I love the atmosphere up here. For one...I get to see outside!! (My office doesn't have any windows!) There is another reason why I come up here and work...I get to meet and talk with people. Today, I walked in and Richard was sitting there. Richard is a retired Catholic School teacher. We've had some "light" spiritual conversations and many conversations about life, politics, culture, our community. Today he told me about one of his rentals that is open. This connection may get him to heaven and might get someone a place to live.

THEN, I'm reading my Bible and the newspaper (in that order by the way...) and this young man starts to talk with me. He is new to South Bend...just been traveling around...we talked about some of his travels and about my church and what I do...then came the bridge...I asked him what his spiritual journey has been...he talked a couple of minutes and then "had to go." I could just FEEL The spiritual battle around this guy. I am PRAYING for Ryan!! He needs Jesus and has good questions that he is wrestling through.

MY POINT...PASTORS we HAVE TO get out of the office...out of the comfort of our laptops and Spiritual bubbles and go connect with people. We CANNOT just expect them to come to us...We must go see them. So, join me guys...out at the coffee shops, the bars, the sports complexes, the neighborhoods, the schools, the workplaces...and let's SHARE the love of Jesus with people WHERE THEY ARE.

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Ryan said...

good stuff. you name the bar, I'll meet you there :)