Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Reflections...

Integrity...what an important-VITAL thing to live out. Pastor Jon spoke yesterday (he's our children's pastor at our Goshen Campus) and MAN...he nailed are some Sunday morning highlights...
-The praise band ROCKED...just amazing time praising God!
-GREAT conversations in the hallways...lots of interaction
-I believe stronger now than ever before that God is about to do something amazing through us
-Quotes from Jon:
"Our word is everything"
"If our actions don't match our faith there is no integrity."
"You will often stand alone (when you walk with integrity)"
"You will have to stand last in line"
"God promises to give us everything we need."
"God gives us resources not to make us comfortable, but to make us more capable!"
"I will stand until the very end."
"Solomon took 7 years to build God's temple and 13 to build his palace." SOMETHING IS WRONG!
"God will give us the strength to stand up under" EVERYTHING in our path.

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