Saturday, January 31, 2009


I'm back from our elder retreat...This retreat complete ripped me up...shredded me...honestly...I was on my knees crying last night...why? Because I love this area...I love South Bend...I believe that God wants to do something here through us that will just blow my mind...I believe that there are a lot of people in this city that do not know not love not follow him...and it breaks my heart...aches my brought me to my my prayer is: " Break it, God..."

Here are some highlights from our weekend:
-I loved the hour+ car-ride with my talking with her
-I ENJOY hanging out with the team and their wives...we have A LOT of fun together!
-I didn't like watching my basketball team leave the retreat, and I couldn't play because of my ankle!
-We watched a message by Perry Noble (a pastor in S. C.) Quotes:
"Don't take your eyes off of where you are going"
"You are messed up"
"I want to be in a place where it is o.k. to not be o.k."
"When you run from God it gets really bad"
"Less politics (in church) and more Jesus"
"God will provide...all you have to do is follow"


Jim had us write out different memories that we had of the year...I'll post those at another time...

AMAZING weekend...can't wait for tomorrow morning!

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Anonymous said...

My grandkids attended your soccer camp and had a wonderful time. This is a great ministry and we wanted you to know how appreciated you are...... The Lind family, members of Clay United Methodist