Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Reflections...

I found myself at the end of our service yesterday with tears streaming down my face. Jerimae and the band was playing God of this City...and I couldn't control myself. I LOVE the Michiana heart aches and breaks for this area. I long to see every person in a relationship with Jesus Christ...a life-changing...real...deep...passionate relationship with Jesus. I long to see marriages being restored and more than that...I long to see EVERY SINGLE marriage THRIVING. I long to see kids...coming to Jesus...following him and loving and helping other people. I long to see the elderly in our community finishing strong...I long to see thousands in our area saying this is the year to get serious about their relationship with run from from trying to be good enough and simple come to God and turn to him.

We started our series on our theme for this year..."It's THRIVE!" Pastor Jim really "brought it" during his message yesterday...He set me up for my "breakdown." And I have to say...I'm glad he did!

After the service we had our 2nd Direction meeting...a chance for people to learn more about what is happening at Grace. This one was more info driven than the first one and very good. One question that came up was "So how do you decide when to be live and when to have video?" GREAT QUESTION...our principle is that we are 3x's video...1x live every month. That is a PRINCIPLE though...we have time when we are video 4-6 weeks straight and then 3 of the past 4 were live. The point is...we want the Spirit to guide what is shared and not some ridged rule...I believe it has worked well...

Another question was about our is the deal for me...I would love to be in a more permanent spot someday...actually, I believe we will be...may be months...may be a year or 2...seeking God's heart on that!...BUT that is not an end all. Portable or not...Church building or warehouse...pews or chairs...Main St. or Back St...those things are not what is most important. Most important is whether or not the Spirit is moving among the people...Are THE PEOPLE attached to the ultimate power source...are THE PEOPLE using their unfair advantage (The Holy Spirit)...are THE PEOPLE friendly...are THE PEOPLE passionate...If those thing are there...WOW...the sky is the limit..."God always keep Grace Community using YOU as the source of EVERYTHING that we do!"

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