Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Reflections...

I really enjoyed having 3 days off last week to hang out with the family. My parents came in over the was GREAT. The kids' rooms are officially done and look great. Kelsey is so creative and really did a FANTASTIC job making those rooms fit the kids...AWESOME!
Yesterday's service was incredible...we really broke it down yesterday...I had everyone write out things they were thankful for...things they were concerned about going into 2009 and ways that God BROKE THROUGH in 2008. We took the concerns we had...tore them up...threw them in the trash...BUT we didn't stop there! We threw the trash away...just emptied the trash cans and threw the trash bags outside...OUR CONCERNS WERE TRULY THROWN OUT! It was a moving moment...AWESOME...we ended the service with testimonies...great to hear the heart of our dad shared too! Cool to hear what God is doing in his life.
I have to say that Kyle and Jerimae did a fanstastic job yesterday...they were "on" for the whole service...the music never stopped...they were either singing and playing or providing background while I spoke and people were writing...LOVED IT! I feel soooooo blessed to work with them!
OH...I have to mention the chance I had to pray with a man before the service started who wanted to know Jesus. HOW COOL IS THAT!? THAT is how you want to start the new year...

God is really working all around us...I see him in so many people's is really overwhelming..."God continue the break through...Keep showing us where you are working...we'll meet you there!"

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