Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A life lesson from...flossing

Growing up I can remember going to the dentist and it was the same story EVERY time. "Tim, you need to make sure you floss, because if you don't your will get gum disease." Later it became, "Tim you need to floss because you are in the early stages of gum disease." GUESS WHAT?!?! That didn't motivate me...I was warned, by an expert, and still didn't do it...well, I did it, you know, once every once in a while...so a couple of cavities later, some swollen gums AND one PAINFUL dentist visit I started to floss...and I floss VERY regularly...actually, I fear not flossing because my gums are the best ever and I don't want to get out of the habit!

MAN...the same is said for my spiritual life and Bible Reading...God is the expert and he says to be connectd to him. Reading the Bible is a HUGE part of staying close to God and I HAVE TO DO IT...WHY? Because I have to stay spiritually healthy...I have to be growing and learning about my Creator...I have to stay consistent or else, just like I used to with flossing, I'll just stop...and then I'll be spiritually unhealthy...I have to clean out my heart and take care on my mind and heart. I have to consistently read the Word...if not, I'll get out of the habit and start looking to my own wisdom (VERY SCAREY THOUGHT!) and not God's wisdom...

I best stop right now 'cause I haven't read the Bible yet today...BOUCHER, GO DIG IN!

ARGH...You know what...I no sooner typed that last message and I checked my email...replied...got flowing and now it is several minutes later and I STILL HAVEN'T DUG IN...Alright...I leaving my office...going to the couch...and READING MY BIBLE!

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Kelsey Boucher said...

Well, I never thought that floss would give an object lesson, but it was a good one! Good job, honey - you get an "A" today!