Saturday, January 17, 2009

Raining Inside...

I got a call today from Heath, a good friend and a pastor, saying he was in our office space and water was POURING in...needless to say, I went running out the door with my daughter to see what was happening. Sure enough...pouring was the right word...our copier was wet...our carpet has STANDING water...Kyle, a passionate musician that goes to our church, had A LOT of equipment that was wet. The jury is still out on whether anything was ruined...letting everything dry out first.

A few thank yous come to my mind though...Heath, Kyle, Ben, Rachel, Kim...all came to our rescue. I was working at home while this happened and had my phone in the kitchen. I didn't hear it vibrate, BUT those people moved things in our office and probably saved THOUSANDS of $$ of equipment. THANKS!

It also reminded me that this stuff is temporary. Fancy copiers and laptops and digital camera's are really cool...GREAT tools...BUT what really matters are people. And that is what I will remember about today (well at least once we get everything cleaned up!)...the people that came through when I couldn't be there...people from our church and not that pulled through for us. "Thanks God that you put those people at our office building at the right time." God is good...even in CRAZY times!

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NileAlyseJohnson said...

Glad to hear that your faith has been rewarded. It is great when we receive confirmation that our God is Great!

I'm in Indianapolis, IN and I'm offering any support I can. Both from a computer and copier perspective.

Be well and God bless. DJ