Sunday, January 25, 2009

Senior Recital...WOW, you mean I could sing?!

We went to Kelsey's grandma's apartment in Indy today and she popped in a video...and the video started with Kels playing violin at her senior recital at Grace College...MAN COULD SHE PLAY! She REALLY needs to get that instrument back out and play again...the kids just were looking at the screen in awe...that "Is that really you mom?!?!" BEAUTIFUL...

THEN, grandma hit the rewind button and BAM...there I a tux...singing my heart out at MY senior recital...1 hour+ of me singing in German, French, Italian and English...folk songs, "serious songs" and show tunes...even ended the recital with "Be Thou My Vision" and you know what...God really has been my vision over the past 13 years!

FUNNY PART...I still messed up on the same song...after all these years...13 to be exact, I still started singing a lullaby in French and then made up German words for the whole first verse before I got back on track in verse two! The best part is, no one really knew! Even my friend, who spoke German and sat in the front row, didn't realize that I made up the words!

It was really, really fun to watch...brought back A LOT of memories of some painful HOURS spent in practice rooms. WOW!! FUN MEMORIES!

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