Monday, January 12, 2009

More anticipation than ever...

I am's not a giddy's an excitement way down in my of that makes me WANT to go to that makes me want to find out what God is up too! Have you ever had a time when you just sense that God is up to something and little by little he is letting you in on it? THAT is where I am...I compare it to playing video games. NO REALLY...think about it...the more you play and the better you get at the unlock more and more levels. There is more that you are able to do. Same in life...God only gives us so much information and then a time comes when he just unlocks another level for you.

I'm there right now...last week I spent a lot of time going through old journals of mine. Looking back and seeing where I was and what God had done. I realized as I read my journal from '06 that God had answered EVERY SINGLE PRAYER! I prayed for the opportunity to lead more people to Jesus and in the past two years I have seen more than the other 33 years combined! I prayed to be a part of a church that was impacting their community and seeing life change. I HAVE THAT! I prayed for a children's leader and worship leader to rise up...AND IT HAPPENED...I longed for a day when we would be seeing God move and acting on it...AND WE DO!!

SO may ask...first it makes me thank God for what he has done...and thank him A LOT...I was in tears last week thanking God...I actually locked our office door and was jumping around...crying...laughing and THANKING GOD for what he had done. (Should I really admit that?!?!?!?) makes me anticipate what God is up too now...the requests that I have for him today...the goals that I have personally and the goals for our church...the dreams that I have...things that I long to see happen...OH...if God can do what he has done over the past 3 years, what can he do now. I'll admit...I'm dreaming bigger this time around!!

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