Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Reflections...

I don't think that there are good enough words to describe what happened during our services yesterday...God showed up...the Spirit was moving...I could have had everyone go home after the music part...I CRIED through 2 of the songs and was about to break into some serious dancing on the other...THEN...the message that I preached come from WAY DOWN in my gut...I was feeling physically sick on Friday as I prepared the message...not because of the flu...but because God was just tearing me to a GOOD way...and I sense that he is doing the same thing with our church people. GOD IS something that I have been saying for a while...I can't put my finger on it...can't tell you what is all happening, BUT I can tell you that I want our church to be in the middle of it! I long for us to make an even larger impact on our area. COME ON GOD!

Grace...that is what we have been talking about...grace that just doesn't make sense...grace that makes us feel uncomfortable...grace that keeps giving even when people reject you...Oh...the grace that hurts deeply, but the reward is OUTRAGEOUS when you see life change. "God...make us known as a church that gives our grace that just DOESN'T MAKE SENSE to other people...HELP US!"

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Sprained Ankle said...

I've too been thinking about Grace recently, having just heard Jerry Bridges break it down in a Transforming Grace conference. Too good to be true; too good not to move us.