Sunday, March 8, 2009

We're In...

I wrote last night about anticipation...and I would have to say that this morning was one of the 3 best services we have ever had...Worship music-message-response of the people. INCREDIBLE! GOD IS MOVING...and he MOVED this morning! We talked about "r u IN?" as a follow up to our theme for the year "It's Time" and talking about giving grace the past two weeks. Highlights from the morning...

-Jerimae setting up the message with a POWERFUL talk about "r we IN?" And all of us spontaneously responding "YES!" What a moment...
-The worship songs were SPIRIT DRIVEN...PASSIONATE...YES!
-Jesus told people "follow me" AT LEAST 21 times
-INVITE...Jesus wanted to invite people "in"
-His initial invitation was to come and see...check out what he was doing
-Our challenge? 5x5 Invite 5 people over the next 5 weeks to "He Is..." series or Easter...THEN meet 5 new people at our Easter service...INVITE people to come and see!
-INVEST...Jesus asked people to invest EVERYTHING!
-Talked about the rich young man (Matthew 19)
-Jesus wants us to invest our money in the church!
-Jesus never lowered the at least 10% of our income should go toward the ministry of the church
-GOD WANTS OUR BEST NOT OUR LEFTOVERS!!!! (I'm talking our money here!)
-Presented 4 Phases for our church to be fully supported!
-Phase 1...we just need $3.50 more each week from each family
-Phase 2...$18.50 per week...
-WE CAN DO THIS!!!! Phase 3 A.S.A.P.!!!!
-INVOLVE...Jesus wanted his people to involve themselves in what he was doing
-STEP UP and get involved with our Easter Weekend...
-OVER 85% of our people JUMPED IN and said they would serve for Easter...AWESOME!

What an AMAZING line of people coming up after the service to throw in their card and say "I'M IN!" 90% came up...YES!! THAT IS AWESOME! People who had been to the church since we launched (It was our 2nd birthday as a church this Sunday!), people who have been there just 1 week came up! I WAS MOVED!


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