Saturday, March 14, 2009

God's Economics

I just shared about how a person took care of what we owed on our is one of the things that is very cool about this...Last year, when I finished my taxes, it ended up that our estimated taxes were not done correctly the year we owed $2500...Pretty disheartening and stunning...I'll confess...when I finished the taxes I cried...we were on a plan to pay off all debt and then BAM!! We are still digging out of that here we are a year later and had $3000 of debt completely taken care of...So, in the big picture we are $500 ahead now!

Last year, all I could see what a BIG bill in front of idea how we would get that paid...But God saw that he was going to have another debt GONE, so we could take care of the other...only he was going to have us wait for 12 months. Cool huh?!?! God has his own timing...WE MUST TRUST IT! So let's all just keep trusting that he will provide for HIS timing! "Thanks, God!"

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