Thursday, March 12, 2009

A place to pray...

I'm part of a Leadership class through the Chamber of Commerce...I have learned A LOT about our community...I have loved the class...I'll confess that I didn't love today, but it had nothing to do with the quality of the class. The class was done very well, it was what we were talking about...I spent most of the morning getting tours and information about abused kids and spousal abuse in our community. VERY encouraged by the programs we have in place...VERY much hurting for all of the kids and women in our community who use the services.

Then we had a tour of the JJC (Juvenile Justice Center)...a courthouse...probation office and jail for kids...As I stood in the jail cells, I just prayed...prayed for every child and teen that have ever been or will ever be in those cells...for God to move in their lives and their families lives...I don't think I remember anything that was said during that part...just saddened to think that kids have to spend their lives in those small cells..."God, I beg you for the lives and souls of our youth...Use me, our church and ALL OF YOUR PEOPLE in South Bend area to touch these kids lives...PLEASE!"

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