Friday, May 1, 2009

An Honor...

Kelsey and I were honored tonight to go to Bethel College's graduation dinner with Laci...she is graduating this year and invited us to come with her...I really enjoyed myself...great food, good speakers, GREAT music (I was having flashbacks of my choir days!) and fun getting to know a family at our table...they are from Maryland (thank goodness I found someone other than Pastor Jim who is from I know they all aren't like him!! :-)

We have several students graduating from High School and College and we are sure going to miss them...sure love the energy and heart that they bring...I know God is going to use each of them in AMAZING ways.

I have really grown to love Bethel...(If anyone knows Dick Gingerich, please don't tell him I said that!!) They really love God and have outstanding programs...they truly are a great example of Jesus in our community...very well respected by both people who go to church and those that don't...I am proud to have Bethel in our community...

AND to you graduates...I AM SOOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU! I cannot WAIT to see what God is going to do in and through each of you!!

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