Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Reflections

We had another great morning yesterday...worship time...message...relationship "stuff" happening in the hallways. God is working in people's lives...he is dealing with sin...he is raising people up to serve in the church. IT IS FUN TO WATCH!

I have often said that when I preach...plan an event...even when I plan a meeting, that I will seek God's heart and make the best plan that I can...BUT if the Spirit is working while I'm preaching or leading and says to go another direction...I'll throw the plan in the trash and move on.

Sunday had one of those moments in it...As Jim was preaching on the End Times, he got to a point where he really sensed it was time to give an invitation...he did it WAY OLD SCHOOL and asked people to stand and repeat after him out loud...We had a man stand and give his life to Jesus. YES, YES, YES! THEN, Jim just closed his Bible...put his notes away and ended the message...He had more information to share, BUT the Spirit directed him differently! If you have ever prepared for a message you know that you want to get all the info out that you prepared...BUT I like following a guy who is willing to put his work to the side to follow what God wants! And because he did, we got to see another name written in the Book of Life! NICE!

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