Thursday, May 28, 2009

That's why we do this...

I started our Soccer Camp meeting tonight by asking the question..."Why do we do this?" Why do we spend all of this time? Why do people give up HOURS and HOURS and HOURS of time to put on a soccer camp?

Chloe answered first..."Because people need to hear about Jesus."

Then Sharon simply points to Kim W...Kim came to camp last year...then showed up on a Sunday and has been with us ever since...

Why do we spend this time? Because we love Jesus...AND love our community! We want people to hear about Jesus AND see him through how we serve them...I LOVE DOING THIS!

THEN, in the middle of our meeting a person in our group was interrupted by a phone was some tough news...So, we stopped and prayed for the situation. THAT is church! THAT is why we met we could pray for each other...We can make all of the plans we want...AND when the time comes...we MUST remember, this is about PEOPLE not PLANS!

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