Friday, May 22, 2009

Moving Experience...

Today, I had the AMAZING honor to attend Grace College's graduation at Indiana State Prison in Michigan City. My dad in law is the site coordinator and prof at ISP and led the ceremony. I was in tears as I watched these guys graduate...their heart...their love for Jesus...their love for my Father in law...his passion for them...It really left me in tears. These men really see this as something that will help to change their lives...I am GLAD for this program that gives these men hope...and not just hope of a shorter prison sentence, but hope in JESUS CHRIST...and it give them hope that they CAN accomplish things that no one thought they could!

GREAT JOB MEN...GREAT JOB DAD...AND GREAT JOB GRACE COLLEGE...I was proud to be a child of God...and proud to be a Grace alum today.

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