Friday, May 29, 2009

Home Court Advantage

I LOVE sports! In fact I was home last night...working on soccer camp stuff and listening to my Cavs win on their home court. The Q is the greatest NBA arena...and that is just fact! Do you notice that teams play differently when they are at home...they play with more passion...they seem to be more comfortible. I was thinking about that and how it relates to the church...I have to say that when Grace gathers at Movies 14 on Sunday mornings...I feel that home court advantage. I see people that have "my back" as we live life together...I LOVE cheering on people and seeing them walk deeper in their walk with Christ. I know that we can take a risk...step out into the unknown...and this group of people will be RIGHT THERE stepping out with me! When we go against "the enemy," I know that the "owner and general manager" of my team is going to give us the best chance to win...In fact WE HAVE ALREADY WON...cause he took care of that on the cross and then rising again!! Then for me, as coach...I get to lead the best team on the planet!! There is a passion that come out in me, as I serve God and the people of Grace...there is a comfort level knowing that God has already run out ahead of me...that he is right there with me...AND that I have a team that is ready to do some battle! It is good to be at Grace! Good to have Home Court Advantage!

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