Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We must keep learning...

I'm getting creative this year...every year I try to attend at least 1 conference a year...to make sure that I'm continuing to grow and learn. This year I made it a goal to "create my own conference." To look for an area of my ministry that needed to be amped up and to find the man to work with me. I FOUND THE MAN! Bob Combs is a pastor in Norton, OH who I did an internship with back in '95. He is a passionate leader...just LOVES people...and is very gifted at counseling people...I want to learn from him! I enjoy investing myself in people...counseling them, so I wanted to learn from the best so I can grow in this area.

Ron Boehm is another man that I am going to be meeting with...he has been a coach/mentor for me for years. He has invested A LOT of his life in me and the questions that he asks really shape how I lead. I look forward to connecting with Ron!

I also like to connect with guys who are doing what I'm doing...My Aunt attends a church in Ohio that is a 2nd campus and doing services in a theater. I am trying to connect with the pastor there so we can "talk shop." See what they do...learn from him...I LOVE talking with campus pastors and church planters! I think that campus pastors are the GREATEST men in the world. (No bias of course!)

I'm excited about this "conference." AND my family and I will get to hang out with "grandma and grandpa!" It is not often that my family gets to come to a conference with me...AND I'll get to spend some quality time in the Buckeye State!

I sure appreciate these men taking some time to pour their lives into mine...I can't wait!

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