Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday Night

Tuesdays saved me this year...not physically... but spiritually and emotionally. I meet with 2 different groups of guys on Tuesday nights...3 guys in the afternoon and 4 in the evening. One of the groups has been going through a book...Radical...and the other is studying Ephesians and Colossians. THE DISCUSSIONS HAVE BEEN UNBELIEVABLE!

When our groups first started meeting a while back, I left the discussions EXHAUSTED...spiritually and emotionally exhausted. I can't explain it...except to say that a spiritual battle has been raging around me for quite some time...and it has been intense! "Meetings"...good meetings...productive meetings...usually FIRE ME UP! I live off of them! But the past months, they have drained me.


Over the course of the last couple of months, something has changed in me...something has been re-stirred up in my heart. Something has rattled me...yet...healed me. And the men that I meet with have been a HUGE part in that. WATCHING...listening to them...experiencing God along side of them. SEEING God move in their lives. INCREDIBLE! God is changing these men AND he is changing me! It has been such amazing conversation...


IT DOESN'T STOP ON TUESDAY'S WITH THESE GUYS! They are working to live it out every day...they mess up...BUT they are bouncing back stronger and more in love with God!

So...why has this saved me? The life change in these guys has brought a healing to my heart. I left the church building late last night after a few meeings...and every one of them charged me up even more...I realized that God has "restored my soul." My longing for him has been restored for some he is restoring my longing for the church...and I have these guys to thank...because of their passion for Jesus...their questions...their victories...their lives have given me new hope for what God is doing here. And it just feels good!

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