Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I LOVE TO COACH! And I especially love to coach my kids...nothing is more rewarding than watching a group of kids come together as a see them develop their skills together. This soccer season has been fun...Luke's team is all 4 year old boys...they really got better this year. In our first 2 games this year we just got KILLED! Like 12-4...15-2...then they didn't lose for the rest of the season. The boys really learned the to watch.

Jaden's team was amazing...the boys were the most coachable kids I have ever coached. They worked hard and really enjoyed playing together. They were VERY FUN to watch...I taught them some things that I used to use with my middle school teams. VERY COOL...They went undefeated this year...excellent season...coachability goes a LONG way!!

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