Monday, November 22, 2010


Preached yesterday on "Stepping Back...a call to Unity!" What a MORNING! The energy in the room was good...the Spirit was moving! Jerimae led our musical worship by himself...he hasn't done that in a long, long was soooo good. Candles were lit...incense burning...worship had a depth to it...My message was a challenge to our church to step back and see the big picture. I shared about my Wild @ Heart journey...about getting out of the woods and sitting on top of a freeing it was for 2 hours to pray, read the Word and journal on the side of a mountain...and being able to see mountain...after mountain in front of me. That is a lot like what God gets to see...he gets to step back and see ALL of the past and ALL of the present AND all of the future. As I sat on that mountain I remembered...remembered what God had done and is doing...and I began to dream about the future. In the weeks after that trip, God took me on a real journey of whether or not I was in the middle of his plan for my life. The cool part is that he answered YES! And I am thankful!

I told our people again yesterday that there is no other church where I would rather raise my family that here. I love the people here...I love their heart for God and each other...How they love and want to impact their community.

I closed out the message 2x's...sounds weird, but it really worked! The challenge was to live: United in Jesus...United in trust for God and each other...United in Prayer...United in ACTION! Then we did our announcements and talked about the outreaches we are doing and then we brought in new members.


Last week the kids used an energy is a really cool thing! If 2 people are holding the ball, but not touching each other with their other hand it will not light up...BUT when you complete the circle it lights up...So there we all stood...everyone in the auditorium grabbed hands and it lit up...UNTIL someone let go...THEN the light went out...they would grab hands again and it lit up...then someone else would let go...You get the idea!

THE POINT...if we ALL are living in Unity with Jesus Christ...diving deep into his Word...if we ALL are United in PRAYER...seeking GOD...begging him to work in the our lives and the lives of others...if we ALL are UNITED in TRUST...trusting God and each other...AND we are UNITED in ACTION...BEING Christ to each other and our community...JUST IMAGINE WHAT GOD WILL DO THROUGH US...BUT...the key word here is ALL! WE NEED EVERYONE! EVERYONE! EVERYONE! And when that happens...only God knows what can be accomplished for HIS sake! Ummm....THAT is something I want to be a part of!!!!

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