Monday, November 15, 2010


Whoa...Yesterday was another KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK service...just powerful. The message was the 6th lie of our 5 Lies of Satan message series. (You got it...our 6 of 5...THAT is how we roll!!) This one was "There is only one way to God." OH...JIM BROUGHT THE MESSAGE! It was right on...moving...clearly putting it out there...AWESOME! The time of music was just good...real good. Travis and Angie Miner with their kids have started coming to our church...INCREDIBLY gifted couple who LOVE Jesus. He has a gift for leading worship...just flowed through the service. was just good.

THEN...we ended the morning with our first "2nd Sunday Lunch." Every 2nd Sunday of the month we are bringing in food and hanging out after the service. It was REALLY, REALLY good to see people connecting. (And not just connecting with their food!!) It was very cool!

GREAT morning!!

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