Sunday, February 7, 2010

Uncharted Sunday...

(Jaden helped me get the stack's of 5...these were the Hershey Bar's and invites that people took home to give to their friends, neighbors, co-workers...)

Our theme is Uncharted, so today we went to Uncharted ground...we didn't have a service...instead we showed up at the building, prayed and set out for a 2-part blitz...1st part: 7 teams of people went out and gave away close to 500 Hershey Bars and invites to our service next week on Valentine's Day. The 2nd part happens this week...the 5 stacks of bars and invites (the pic above) are for families to invite their friends, co-workers, neighbors this week to our service next week! (I have to go buy more Hershey Bars because we gave so many away today...I don't have any left!!!!)

Outreaches like this just fire me up! My team went out and gave away over 125 Hershey Bars in less than a 1/2 hour. We gave away close to 100 of them at the Pancake House right next to our building...I got to meet and invite the owner. VERY COOL! Then we crossed 5 lanes of traffic (with 8 children...7 of which were 9 and under!!) and headed to McDonalds. It was great to see the kids serving people and enjoying it.

I love to hear children pray...two kids from our group prayed (great job Shelby and Jaden!) about the blitz and the service next week...for another guy in our group it was the first he has prayed in public like that...VERY COOL! THAT is church! Just in time discipleship...things you can't teach in a classroom!!

Serving people like this just FIRES ME UP! I was ready to preach when we got back...Then something happened that I didn't expect...people hung out...for about another was great to see people talking and hanging out! EXCITING!

(It's blurry, but it's the one I have of everyone praying for next week's service...we are praying that many come...we are praying that people will give their lives to Jesus next week!)

(Part of my team that passed out 125 Hershey Bars in less that 25 minutes...just missing 7 other kids that went with us!!)

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