Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Extreme Makeover

(Getting the sign up!)

WHOA BABY! These guys work like crazy! I LOVE being around them...they got the women's bathroom done in a hurry! AMAZING! Great work!

I just received a text from Rusty, our project manager...our final inspection is for 1:30p.m. Thursday...PRAY! Then pray again...then pray a little more!! NOW WE GO! Pray for God's favor through the inspectors...pray for the rest of the work to get done...

This is a fun many loose ends coming many unknowns, that little by little become part? It IS coming together! We have the best volunteers on the planet!!
Hey...check out Pastor Jim's blog: (Click on the link!) Cool post about what is happening here!
The bathroom one day...

The bathroom the next day!

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Jim Brown said...

I excited for you bro