Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Pastor Jim BROUGHT IT on Sunday...if someone is not stirred up to share their faith, SOMETHING IS WRONG! COME ON CHURCH...You have been given the GREATEST gift ever...what in the STINKIN' world are we waiting for...let's start sharing our faith...inviting our friends...RESCUING PEOPLE FROM HELL!! Why not us?! Why not right now!? WHY NOT!?!? God wants to use EACH AND EVERYONE OF US...so let's get going.

There is a discontent really getting stirred up in me...something that is longing for more...more of what God wants...more of what grabs his heart...

I was challenged several years ago to quit praying for God to give me opportunities to share my faith...INSTEAD start sharing my faith and ask the Spirit to STOP ME if the timing wasn't right! Notice the difference? Let's not just expect people to find Jesus by what they see in us...instead let's LIVE IT and SPEAK IT! (It=The good news of JESUS CHRIST!)

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