Sunday, February 14, 2010


The band praying before the service
20 minutes before service...

'Bout time to get started...

I really can't get my mind around this morning yet...been are thoughts as they pop in my head...

-"WOW...this morning was AMAZING!!"
-The Spirit of THE LIVING God was moving in that building!
-Worship was the best ever...
-Jerimae's song he wrote...WOW-PERFECT!
-I really enjoyed seeing people who have invested so much in the building WORSHIPPING!
-We left the building at 12:35...the theater would have already opened!
-Fun to watch people serve
-Good to have some Goshen people with us
-The auditorium was ROCKIN'
-One of the best times of Worship...EVER!
-LOTS of energy in the room!
-The preschool room was about to explode with kids! (BRING ON THAT PROBLEM!)
-Kidzone and the auditorium can really hear each other...
-There were people EVERYWHERE!
-I got to shake about everyone's hand as they walked out the door...I love that
-Ended the message by passing out flashlights, because we long to be a lighthouse of hope in this community.
-People were coming up to get the flashlights before I ever told them too!! It was GREAT!
-Message was on Uncharted Initiative...stepping out...not waiting for others to act first...Our community NEEDS us to share hope with them...
-A church with uncharted initiative will be the first to...Be thankful, seek God, Cut off sin, CELEBRATE, NEVER give up, pray OUTRAGEOUS prayers, take risks, and live and tell stories of what GOD has done. (We will tell this mornings story for a long time!)
-I CAN'T WAIT to see what God is going to do through us
-Cool moment for me before I got to the building...I thought through where we have been...the journey...the steps to get to this point...God is so good
-Great to see Pat McGann...the owner of the building...come to the service
-Lots of visitors today...several students from Bethel
-My dad drove over 4 hours this morning to be there!
-Lots of people talking in the halls
-This morning was a dream come true...God was really lifted up...VERY pleased!


Jason said...

I'm so happy for you man. I can't wait to see what God does through you and this church. I'm proud of you. You have done an incredible job. Way to go and keep it up.


Travis Miner said...

The building looks great!!! I can't wait to hear the stories of lives who are changed there.

Great job! I'm proud of you and all my friends there!!!