Sunday, February 21, 2010

Great morning

The service was amazing...Uncharted Prayer was the message...VERY POWERFUL! I'll share more on that in the next couple of days...our worship time has just been electric the past 2 weeks...just LOVE IT! The band is leading us well AND people are RESPONDING! VERY COOL!
We had our first "We don't have to leave!" party after the service...we moved all the chairs...set up tables...and people brought food...LOTS of food! We have been portable church for about 3 years and it was good to just hang out after the service. AND to do that for 3 HOURS!!!! DID YOU CATCH THAT?!?! 3 HOURS! I got home today 3 1/3 hours after the SERVICE was over! Did I mention how AMAZING the food was?! I think we need to have another one soon!!!!

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