Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Night Thoughts...

Today was a dream come true for me during our service...Jerimae, our worship pastor, had 2 people bring in original art work and explain it...that was the intro to the worship set. (One of the ladies was Karen, his wife!!) was great heart prep...for 3-4 years I have been dreaming of having art, the visual arts, involved in our service. OH DID JERIMAE COME THROUGH! I was moved by their explanations...just wonderful...then the music was great and he and Kyle played at the end of each song...a chance to reflect on the songs we were singing. Oh, it was good...

BEST PART...that was only the beginning! Jim spoke on "why follow through?" Talking about marriage. He spoke about the benefits of staying together with your wife until "death do you part." Oh, I was in tears...from laughing, from being challenged...I have chills just thinking about it. At the end of the message Jim had us go outside and take sidewalk chalk and put our wives and our names in it...It was cool...

BUT IT IS NOT OVER YET! Then we had pizza after tear-down and had our Kid's Kare and Share Blitz. Blitzes are outreaches we do out in the community...simple, practical touches of Christ's love in the community...COOL! The kids made fun boxes for kids in our community. It was a school box with fun stuff in idea...the kids helped to plan it, put the boxes together and then they delivered them...went to hospitals, homeless shelters, neighborhoods, parks...AWESOME! Jeff & Sharon our Kidzone leaders did a great job empowering our kids.

What a day! PRAISE GOD for all that he is doing!

Here are the highlights from Jim's message:

Why follow through?

1. There is a blessing of obedience. God will bless you if you stay true to your commitment...God blesses purity!

2. The "we did it" factor. DON'T BAIL OUT...stay with your marriage!

3. Blessing of new memories and sharing the old ones...if you bail out...who are you going to share those memories with?!?! SHARE THOSE FUNNY AND GOOD TIMES!!

4. Legacy passed on to your kids...BREAK THE GENERATIONAL PATTERNS OF SIN!

5. Time to become one! work through the hard times...

6. The fun & spark of love...what else needs to be said on this one!?!?!?!

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