Saturday, August 2, 2008

Soccer Camp 2

I helped with a soccer camp this week near Brown School. Another church in our area and several other organizations put it on. They did a good job with the camp...they are reaching an area of our city that desperately needs help. It is always so cool for me to see the kids playing soccer and then in discussions about life and spiritual things. GREAT WEEK!

Cool thing...our team is so amazing at Grace! The camp this week used everything from ours...registration forms, basic schedule, team postures, name tags, and on and on...I was reminded AGAIN this week why the people of Grace are so amazing...such great people using their gifts for the Kingdom...I LOVE IT!

Not that I'm competitive...but if I was...My team lost the first coaches' game 3-2 today...MAN it was a close one...I had a goal called back because it was halftime...and I missed a shot with seconds to go too...OK, not a game that really matters, BUT MAN...MAKE THE SHOT BOUCHER!!!!

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