Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Night Thoughts...

Lots of things to think about tonight...

1. WOW...WOW...AND WOW!! What a moving service this morning...Tears were pouring out during the closing song. To think that Job stood strong in the worst adversity ever...that he went without fault...that he never cursed God...then to know that God wants to meet us during those dark times...I was just undone...When Jerimae and the band played and sang the words..."Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death...I won't turn back I know you are here" MAN...THANK YOU GOD FOR THIS MORNING!!

2. With 10 minutes before the start of the service we didn't have power to our projector (remember our message is on video, so the projector is just a little important!)...With 5 minutes before the service was to start we had no power to the lights in the auditorium and NO power in our Kidzone area...At 9:30...we had everything up and running...we prayed...we ran cables...we found power, baby!

3. Pastor Jim and his family came to our service today...I love having him one cool part for me...I remember back when I first started teaching and the principal came in to observe, I would "kick into another gear." What I love about what we are doing here, is that I didn't know Jim was coming today and I wouldn't have changed ANYTHING that we did. I know Jerimae feels the same way...I love that we try to do our best every week to have a service that creates an atmosphere where people connect with God and others...AND it helps that Jim is a very freeing and empowering "boss" and wants what is best for us...sure he has HIGH expectations of us, but it is for our and the Kingdom's benefit...I love working with him!

4. We had to be out of Movies 14 in MINUTES after the service today...looking forward to school starting so we can get our later "be out" time back! BUT our group did an AMAZING JOB AGAIN at tearing down and getting out of there! WELL DONE EVERYONE!!!!

5. I start coaching at LaSalle tomorrow...that is the school where I used to teach. It will be my 6th year coaching 7th & 8th graders...I look forward to working and pouring my life into the young men...

6. I'll apologize now if I forget an appointment, your birthday, anniversary, email address, phone numbers...WHY you ask? Because I have the dreaded blue screen on my laptop. Yes my laptop may have "bit the dust!" I may have lost a lot of info...SO GO BACK UP YOUR FILES RIGHT NOW...DON'T WAIT OR YOU MAY BE LIKE ME...haven't backed up in...well I'm not sure how long!!!! Here is hoping we can save something off of my hard-drive!

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